Houndstooth is still the trend

Houndstooth is still the trend

Houndstooth has long been thought to be a female-only fashion trend. Despite the fact that many prior customers believe houndstooth is no longer in style, the truth is that it is. When it comes to approaching greater ideas, innovation is unavoidable, yet retro-design is a timeless and ageless attitude that has a persistent impact on customers. To explain, I'll offer a few reasons.

1. It is less risky to wear a classic style

It has been shown that the houndstooth is an effective design for making fashion models appear better, implying that the houndstooth dress is still fashionable and cutting-edge. People today have a plethora of dressing alternatives, therefore they are likely to get more perplexed while making decisions. As a traditional style, houndstooth provides consumers with more certainty and makes it easier for them to make decisions.

2. Celebrities still love it!

Celebrities, we must confess, are the forerunners of fashion trends, and every fashion movement is encouraged by well-known persons.

Beyoncé just dropped her latest collaboration: the Ivy Park x Adidas collection, which is just in time for the holidays (by no surprise, it’s called Halls of Ivy). One pattern we see in this new collection is the historic houndstooth pattern.

As a result, celebrities such as Beyoncé, the queen of fashion, have endorsed houndstooth, demonstrating that the vintage houndstooth design is still attractive.

3. Houndstooth entrenches the culture

Houndstooth offers a comparable initial impression due to its immersion in a distinct culture, which is accompanied by British-inspired. Classic British fashions are characterized by regal, elegant, and ostensibly posh aspects, which are all qualities of houndstooth. People who wear houndstooth-patterned clothing or footwear exude a princely or princessly demeanor.


4. Luxury brands are still launching

Brands like Alexander McQueen and Dolce & Gabbana still use the pattern of houndstooth. 

Dolce & Gabbana’s Fall/Winter 2021 collection used the pattern, as well as Alice + Olivia’s Fall/Winter 2021, which had several houndstooth, or houndstooth-inspired items. As well, designer Nina Ricci uses a houndstooth-patterned item in almost every collection, and here’s a piece of fashion history for you: it was also a favorite of Alexander McQueen's fall 2009 collection, Horn of Plenty.


Landchief Houndstooth 

Women's Houndstooth is a two-toned textile pattern with a Scottish provenance, made with broken checks and traditionally in black and white. The gusset section of the Tab & Buckle gives it enough flexibility to accommodate your calves. Women may use this really fashionable design on bright or rainy days. Because of its stylish aspects and excellent rain protection, better-suited partner for daily wearing even in extreme weather.