Spring Gift for Landchief Membership

Spring is Back to us!

Landchief will launch more new collections for Spring New Arrivals. The 15% Off for New Membership is still working for this spring. More than that, Landchief offers a Permanent 10% Discount for customers who sign up during this spring(Put "Save 10" into Discount Code when Checkout). Yeah! This Discount Gift is Permanent! Only for Spring 2022. 

As a Member of Landchief, you'll get 

  • 15% Off with First Purchase
  • 10% Permanent Discount Gift (Sign up Spring 2022)
  • Latest Newsletter about Monthly Best Seller, Coupons, and Campaign Games.
  • A Chance to get your own special themes boots
  • Free to Join

How to join Landchief Membership

Landing to www.landchiefboots.com, or Sign Up Here.

If you have any questions and concerns about Landchief Membership, feel free to contact us via info@landchiefboots.com


In early 1963, FennKong begin to assist Finnish clients to source the best rain boots around the world. NOW, We have specialized in designing, manufacturing, and developing women and kids rain boots for 33 years. Based on our inherited quality standards, our boots are designed to withstand the seasons and adapt to the changes in everyday life

In 2015, Landchief was born with a mission to provide you affordable, quality, and upbeat boots to help you live your lifestyle!  We hope families can confidently delight in the joy-filled moments with our boots that rainy day's promise.

Since 1963, Landchief was born with a mission to provide people affordable rain boots with waterproof, good material, exquisitely designed for better tractions and fashionable elements to help people live their lifestyle without any frustrations by rain or snow. Designed to withstand the seasons and adapt to the trends.