Rainy Day? Let Them Play!

Rainy Day? Let Them Play!


As the familiar pitter-patter of raindrops begins to pelt down on the roof like little pebbles, I would normally say that this would be the best time to snuggle under the blanket and nap the day away. Letting the kids out to play? Nonsense — or so one might think. The common course of action most parents would take in the face of rainy weather would be to simply stay indoors which, to be honest, is perfectly fine. After all, as parents, the health of our children is paramount. No parents want to see their little ones under the weather. Still, it is important to know that a healthy child’s immune system will protect them from most illnesses and therefore we suggest that a little exercise wouldn’t hurt — in fact, it might even prove to be hugely beneficial!

Developing Motor Skills

When the rain comes pouring, don’t forget to help your kids don their raincoats and, of course, a trusty pair of rainboots! Kids slip and slide all the time, but that doesn’t mean that nothing can be learned from it! For children, balancing on slippery surfaces and jumping in puddles is an unexpected and excellent opportunity to hone their balance, coordination, and of course, to have fun!

The Sunshine Vitamin

Yes, it’s raining… but what about getting that all-important, daily dose of vitamin D? What, you thought those clouds were able to block sunshine from coming through? Apparently not. Still, this is good news and all the more reason to encourage some rainy day fun! Even during rainy weather, playing outside can give just the right amount of daily vitamin D that a developing child needs. Known for encouraging strong bone developments and immune system support, the impact of receiving the proper amount of vitamin D is not to be underestimated.

New Sensory Experiences

The crisp crunch of freshly fallen leaves, the soft scent of moss wafting through the woods, and the cool droplet of rain dripping off of our skin. It’s a rainy day, alright. Most importantly, it’s a wholly new environment for young children to explore, experiment, and simply satisfy that childhood curiosity brimming inside them. Rainy days provide a myriad of different ways to stimulate children’s senses and, as a result, their development.

An Impromptu Science Lesson!

When the weather is rainy and uncomfortable for us as adults, it doesn’t mean that our children feel that way. The water cycle, anyone? Where does rain come from? What are clouds made out of? Where does all that water go? What is acid rain? A rainy day can be turned into an exciting, educational opportunity to teach your children about how the natural world works.

A Little Bit of Responsibility Never Hurts

It never hurts for children to learn some responsibility, and a rainy day can certainly be turned into a teachable moment as well. Allowing children to play in the rain teaches them a little individual responsibility. They’ll learn what is okay to get wet, and what they should move aside to a safer location. Of course, they’ll also discover the importance of having a spare set of dry clothes — just in case!

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